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Last Updated: 05/24/2013
Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions:

If your question is answered below, please do not contact us to ask the same question. If your specific question is not answered below then feel free to contact us via e-mail at, and we will respond as soon as physically possible.

Due to recent national events, we are continuing to experience an unprecedented run on firearms, magazines, and accessories. Due to greatly reduced inventory and availability of products, we are receiving a lot of inquiries asking about restocking, waiting lists, or back-orders. Most of the questions we are receiving are answered in the FAQs below.

Q: Are you accepting back-orders for out of stock items?
A: No, not at this time. We have found that using the wishlist feature allows everyone an equal chance at receiving product. Simply use the email notification feature (wishlist)on the product page to receive an email notification when the item is back in stock.

Q: Why won't you allow back-orders?
A: If we were a huge company, with staff available to track each individual request, we might be able to handle back-orders.  Of course, then we'd have to pay the staff hired to do this and then our prices would be higher.  We'd prefer to keep our prices as low as possible at this time.

Q: Item X is showing in stock on your website, is it really in stock?

A: YES. Our website has real-time inventory updates every 15 minutes. Due to overwhelming demand, inventory is changing quickly, but the website reflects the most current information we have.  This inventory is housed at one of our 3 warehouses, but inventory controls are linked here.  We think companies that take your money and then hold it until they receive the product from a manufacturer, without telling you up front that the product is not in stock, are less than reputable, so should you.

Q: When will you get item X back in stock?
A: We do not have ANY estimates on restocking any items. You can enter your email on the product page to receive a notification when the item is back in stock (there is that wishlist feature again).

Q: I wish-listed the item and received an e-mail that it was in stock.  Now it shows that its out of stock again.  Whats up with that??
A:  Somebody else beat you to it. Re-wishlist it again for the next batch that comes in and grab it the minute you get an e-mail telling you it came in. Quick-draw McGraw always wins when things are hard to find.  Seriously, we wish we had the product you wanted and that you grabbed it the first time you were notified.  We appreciate your diligence and we will return the favor by trying to keep the stuff you want on our buyers minds.

Q: What is the status of my order?

A: We are working hard to get the orders out ASAP. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships.

Q: Can I add something to my order?
A: NO. We do not have the manpower at this time to modify existing orders. Please place an additional order, or email us to cancel your entire order and then place a new one online - keep in mind this will delay your order.

Q: Can I place a new order and combine them to save on shipping?
A: NO. Sorry, but we just do not have the manpower at this time to handle this type of special request.  Some orders are shipped from different warehouses so combining orders is not always possible

Q: How do I order a gun or receiver and have it shipped to my dealer?

A: Follow These Instructions:

  1.  Decide what you want and make sure its legal in your state.  California, for example, has a handgun roster found here:  Only those handguns on the roster are able to be shipped to California.  Longguns must be state compliant as well.
  2. Find it on our website and if its in stock, order it!  If its not available, Wishlist it.
  3. Once your order is confirmed, Contact your FFL and have them send us a copy of their license.  The faster we receive the license copy, the faster we ship the firearm.  Send it to us here
Q: I live in California.  How do I know what the laws are here about transferring guns in the state or even buying one?
A:  Visit the Calguns Foundation Wiki for answers to all of your legal and gun buying related questions.

Q: How fast do you ship??
A: Orders from this website are shipped directly from the warehouse via ground transportation.  This can take up to 7 days in normal times and 2 weeks during wacky times.  Most orders arrive within 3 to 4 days.

Q: Can't I pick up my order at your store?
A: Since we are a webstore, most of the stuff you are buying is not housed at our transfer shop.  It comes directly from the warehouse.  Our transfer shop has restricted access, so local parts pickups are not possible.  Firearms are the only exception to this policy.  If you choose to have us do your paperwork(this means you are a Northern California resident willing to drive to Sacramento twice), you are required to come here to complete the state paperwork. Otherwise we will need your dealers FFL and Dealer number info to ship the firearm to them for transfer.

Q:What are your store hours?

A: Since we are an internet store, we are open 24/7 via our website.  If you plan on transferring your firearm directly at Golden State Tactical e-mail us for an appointment at 

Q: What is your fax number?
A: (916)961-7189

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